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Termination of EU Sanctions on Iran


Pursuant to adoption of JCPOA, the EU published a detailed “Information Note on EU Sanctions to Be Lifted under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” confirming JCPOA and its structure. In this information note, the sanctions to be lifted on the “implementation day” are defined in detail. Furthermore, EU published regulation 2015/1861, regulation 2015/1862 and decision 2015/1863 in October 18, 2015 (Adoption day of JCPOA) to amend EU regulations and decisions in accordance with JCPOA. The new regulations fully terminate all nuclear-related sanctions on Iran (specified in Annex II of JCPOA). The full text of the abovementioned regulations was published in volume 58 of the official journal of the European Union and can be found here.