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Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts secure co-operation arrangements with UAE Ministry of Justice and Federal Courts


14 July 2016

The Courts of Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) operate as autonomous common law jurisdictions, operating with an independent judiciary, carver out from the civil law jurisdictions in which they are situated. Following the enactment of the ADGM Arbitration Regulations 2015 and the creation of a new seat of arbitration in the Middle East, the Courts of the ADGM have entered into a memorandum of understanding with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Justice (the “MoU”). This marks an important step for the integration of the ADGM Courts into the UAE legal system. The MoU also provides for judicial cooperation between the Federal Courts of the UAE. Clause (2)5 of the MoU states that the Federal and the ADGM Courts are to “take all necessary measures that will ensure that enforcement of the ADGM Courtsjudgments and arbitration awards issued in the ADGM” can be sought before the Federal Courts of the UAE.