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Commercial Aircraft SPAs in progress after the JCPOA, but the complications still need scrutiny!


Key points on the Conclusion of Civil Aircraft SPAs in Post-JCPOA Era

In the post-JCPOA sphere, renovation of Iran’s aviation fleet has gained attention from the Iranian aviation companies and negotiations in regards to conclusion of related contracts is in process. It must be noted, however, that the governing legal regime of sale & purchase of commercial aircrafts contracts, which are categorized as complex contracts, is of great importance.

In assistance to the Iranian aviation bussines, PAA Lawyers has produced a memo on this subject-matter which deals with keypoints of sale & purchase of commercial aircrafts contracts. You can access this memo here.

DISCLAIMER: The material in this memo is designed to provide general information only. It is not offered as advice on any particular matter, whether it be legal, procedural or other, and it should not be taken as such. In situation of demand for advice, PAA Lawyers is ready to provide professional legal consultation.

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