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Iranian Charter on Citizens’ Rights


“The Charter of Citizens’ Rights,” outlined by the administration of Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, is to guarantee freedom of speech, protests, fair trials, and privacy.

It includes some information about right to life, health and quality of life, right to human dignity and equality, right to freedom and personal security, right to self determination, right to good governance and determination, freedom of thought and expression, right of access to information, right of access to cyberspace, right to privacy, right of association, assembly and demonstration, right to nationality, residence and freedom of movement, right to family life, right to a fair trial, right to a transparent and competitive economy, right to housing, right to property, right to employment and decent work, right to welfare and social security, right of access to and participation in cultural life, right to education, right to healthy environment and sustainable development and right to peace, security and national power.

You can access the text of the charter by clicking here.

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