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About us


PAA Lawyers is an Iranian registered law firm, based in Tehran which has been involved in providing legal advice and services with respect to cases with international character since 2014. The law firm established as the result of an agreement between its founders (members of the board) who already practiced law for many years before its establishment whether as advocate or legal consultant.

It is worth mentioning that the board of directors of PAA Lawyers is formed of top Iranian advocates and lawyers, whose experience in international legal sphere is quite remarkable. Collectively speaking, Board of Director’s legal practice sums up to almost 100 years in fields such as international negotiations, various cases of international arbitration and internal practice before the judicial system of Iran.

Also, PAA takes benefit from academic yet practical advisors both in Iran and abroad which adds to capabilities and quality of its services. Alongside this, a team of top junior legal assistants cooperate with PAA which guarantees practical job training and serves as updating force in law firm’s vision and activities.

Areas of service of our law firm consist of numerous yet vital fields such as, but not limited to: Litigation, Investment Law, Contracts, International Arbitration, and Iranian Domestic Law.

Since its establishment, PAA Lawyers has had a reputation among its clients for its services, commitment, and professional work. We are bound to providing adept legal advice and service to our clients, which this commitment guides our activities as a whole.